Excellence in the Basque Country

EUSKALIT is made up of a group of organisations constituted as a non-profit foundation, promoted by the Basque Government, to boost Advanced Management in Basque organizations, providing utility, efficiency and proximity to contribute to their competitiveness and, thus, to the sustainable development of the Basque Country, all with a committed, professional and motivated team of people.

Since 1992 we have actively disseminated and provided training in Business Excellence in industrial and service sector companies, education centres, not-for-profit organizations, consultancies, public administration and health centres. We also manage and administer the Advanced Management Model based Excellence Awards in the Basque Country, the Advanced Management Award.

The hallmark of truly excellent organizations is their ability to achieve and maintain outstanding results in all their management areas. Whilst achieving these results is, in itself, a difficult task, maintaining them in a world of increasing global competition, technological innovation, continuous change in production processes, economic and social instability and ever-changing customer demands represents an even greater challenge.

EUSKALIT was founded to take up this challenge, to offer Basque Country organizations our help and support in improving their management to deliver standards of Excellence.

Download here our Advanced Management Model in english to get the latest updates (2018)

EUSKALIT has three main activity areas: Dissemination of the culture of Advanced Management, Support for Action and External Assessment.

In each of these areas, we work with different types of organizations, including industrial and service sector companies, education centres, non-profit organizations, consultancies, public administration and health centres, thus proving that Excellence as a management philosophy covers all those activity sectors where people are the essential factor in delivering the organization's goals and meeting the needs of customers, employees, shareholders and society alike.

The progressive increase in the membership of the EUSKALIT Assessors Club clearly reveals the degree of commitment to an Excellence culture in the Basque Country.


The EUSKALIT Assessors' Club has grown exponentially over the years along with the demand for external assessment. Every activity sector, both public and private, is represented in the Club.

Every year, EUSKALIT organizes and conducts refresher training courses to update our assessors' knowledge on the changes of the Advanced Management Model and the assessment process itself.

Every year, the Basque Government formally recognizes the best Basque Country organizations. EUSKALIT manages the external assessment process conducted on very similar lines to that of the EFQM. To ensure a certain prior level of management performance, candidate organizations must comply with minimum requirements.

All this becomes possible thanks to the time given and effort made, on an altruistic basis, by the members of the Assessors' Club in conducting external assessment.

EUSKALIT cooperates internationally with other organizations around the world dedicated to promote Advanced Management and Excellence:

CEX-Centros de Excelencia
EUSKALIT collaborates with the Association of Centers for the Promotion of Excellence, whose main objective is to unite the efforts that are being made in different autonomous communities, to promote, in a joint and coordinated way among its associates, the development of the culture of quality, innovation and excellence in business management.

EUSKALIT collaborates with AENOR, the Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification, created in 1986, and since 2017 a knowledge management company that helps competitiveness via conformity assessment (certification, verification, validation, inspection, and testing), through the training and disseminating of the international standards and norms among Basque companies. 

EUSKALIT is a partner of the Quality Innovation Award Competition and member of the steering comitee. All members represent national quality associations and other not-for-profit organizations that exist to improve national competitiveness.

European Foundation for Quality Management-EFQM
EUSKALIT is a local Partner, promoting the use of systematic development tools, and participating in developing Excellence Models.

EUSKALIT, as national associate, collaborates with Fundibeq through the dissemination of the culture of Excellence in Management in all Ibero-American organizations.

EUSKALIT collaborates annually with other European organizations in benchmarking actions to boost competitiveness between organizations. Some of the organizations we collaborate with are: EFQM, CAQ-China Association for Quality